If your watch needs a new battery for your watch, then pop into our shop. We can fit new watch batteries in both snap back watches and screw back watches too. We’re one of the best stores that change watch batteries in Uddingston and we take care of your watch with the utmost respect.

Choosing from Stores that Change Watch Batteries

There are plenty of stores that change watch batteries but we provide an excellent level of service. We only use high quality watch batteries, to give you the longest possible time in between replacements. This reduces the cost of your watch over time, and means you don’t need to spend as much time at stores that change watch batteries.

We use a clamp and watch back press while changing your battery, to ensure that the watch glass is not damaged. This is safer and less likely to harm the face of your watch, which you may not get in other stores that change watch batteries. Scratches and marks on the face of the watch can drastically change the appearance and mean you have to fork out for a replacement.

Watch Batteries

Perfect Watch Battery Replacements

Other high street stores that change watch batteries and watch brands can charge large amounts for watch battery replacement, so come to Belt Up Trophies instead. We take the utmost care of your watch and you won’t be disappointed with the level of service we offer.

Get your watch back up and running with us, just bring your watch to our store and we can find the right kind of battery for you. Then, you can feel free to wait while we change the battery over for you. We’re one of the stores that change watch batteries that won’t take up a lot of your time!