For precise and accurate key cutting, come to Belt Up Trophies. We have a wide range of blanks to match thousands of different locks and we will be happy to assist you with these. We use specialist key cutting machines to ensure that your copies are exactly the same as the original and work smoothly.

Our Key Cutting Services

Our key cutting services can give you that extra piece of mind with a spare key. If you want the option of having an additional key, should you need it in an emergency, then we can cut these quickly and accurately. Don’t get locked out, our experts can help you out with a spare.

We can provide keys for both commercial and domestic properties. Bring your key along with you and we’ll be able to pick out the right blank before completing the service. If we don’t have your key in stock on the day we can order it especially for you and have it delivered to the shop as soon as possible.

Rest assured, your new keys will be reliable and exactly like the original. Whether you need a new key to give to a loved one or would like a spare to keep safe, our key cutters will be able to create the perfect duplicate.


Duplicate Keys Cut while you Wait

We have blanks for a wide range of locks, including all of the most common manufacturers. We can cut these keys while you wait. We’ve got competitive prices and offer a fantastic service that you won’t get anywhere else.

Our fast and friendly service is customer focused, we’ll guarantee you’re happy with your new keys. Come visit us and we’ll have brand new keys cut for you in no time at all. If you have any questions about our key cutting services, then just call or email us and we can give you more information.