School Sports – Trophies

As there are so many sports out there, that children, teenagers and adult compete in, we have made it our mission to provide a service which will accommodate any sporting activity, tournament or one off competition.

This means that we work closely with local schools, to make sure that any event they hold is supplemented with the shiniest trophies.

  • "I have dealt with this family shop in the past. I received excellent service, today was no exception, Alan was helpful and gave excellent service and delivered engraved trophies in 4 days at short notice. Excellent value and advice by all the family."

    John Glasgow

School Sports – Special Offers

If you are organising a large competition or tournament, then the award ceremony should be the least of your problems, especially if you have Belt-Up in your corner.

We will make sure that you have the shiniest trophies ready to hand out on the podium that the winners and everyone involved can proudly hold.